Apple Juice

Northern Spy, Jonagold, Ida Red, Macoun, Keepsake, Spitzenberg, Melrose, Winesap, & Cortland. When we set out to create this apple juice we were totally disappointed by the syrupy apple juices we grew up on and inspired by the crisp and acidic natural juices of Europe. We needed to find unique apple varieties to create a more floral, sweet, and sour apple juice. We were awestruck by the apples shared by our farmers in New York and Vermont. We juice our apples at the peak of freshness; by doing so, we are capturing the beauty of the season in a can! Our juice will transplant you to the orchard and remind you what pure, simple, and beautifully grown food should taste like. As a bonus, we get to support orchardists planting trees to steward and revitalize soil while sequestering carbon. Our apple juice is produced for Lovely bunch by Shacksbury Cider 11 Main St, Vergennes, VT 054911. All apples are sourced sustainably in the Northeast.