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Agua del Sol Ensamble: Papalometl/Espadilla (Cornelio Correa) Batch CC-EP-X/22 50% (750ml)


Maguey: Papalometl / Espadilla (A. Potatorum / A. Angustifolia)

Master Distiller: Mtro. Jesús Correa

Producing Community: Concepción Buena Vista, Oaxaca (~6,500 feet)

Region: Mixteca Alta

Cook: Steamed and roasted in a stone-lined earthen oven

Mash: Horse-drawn tahona mill

Fermentation: Natural spring water and wild yeasts in Mexican Cypress vats 

Distillation: Twice in copper alembic stills 

Batch: CC-EP-X/22

Production volume: 80 liters

Production date: October, 2022

ABV: 50%


Nose: Corn, bright citrus

Palate: Bitter, green chili, tamarind


About the Producer: Mtro. Jesús Correa

Mtro. Jesús Correa is one of only two mezcal producers in a government protected area called the Reserva de la Biosfera, right on the border of Oaxaca and Puebla. Nestled in the mountainous mezcal producing region known as the Mixteca Alta, Mtro. Jesús’s palenque is quite arduous to reach. For that reason, Mtro. Jesús describes himself as a person of the land.

Mtro. Jesús sows and harvests his own land, and also relies on his ever growing knowledge of agricultural, ranching, and botany to provide service to his local community. Like many good teachers, Mtro. Jesús learned through oral tradition from his father who in turn learned from his father the art of extracting the elixir from precious desert plants.