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El Mero Mero Mezcal Espadin (750 ml)


From the importer:

The Brand

The El Mero Mero label and knife image in Palmer caligraphy are an inspiration of Carlos Zerpa, one of the most important Latin American contemporary artists. This increasingly known image was originally born as a graphical work produced at the TAGA (Workshop of Graphical Arts), a place where the most important contemporary visual creators have worked. It is placed inside the facilities of “La Curtiduría” (The Tannery), at the Jalatlaco's traditional neighborhood in Oaxaca City.

El Mero Mero is conceived, distilled and bottled in San Dionisio, Ocotepec, Oaxaca. Their Maestro Mezcalero, Justino García Cruz, ensures the production process fully respects the demanding traditions of artisanal mezcal production.


Region: San Dionisio, Ocotepec, Oaxaca - few mezcals originate from this region. With very little rainfall, the agave grows low to the ground in order to absorb as much water as possible. Just like grapes, this stresses the plants out, creating more sugar, and in turn more flavor. The limestone rich soil has lots of minerals and helps the agave retain water in the arid climate.

Master Mezcalero: Justino García Cruz

Grinding: Tahona mill, horse drawn stone

Cooking: Earthen pit using local pine wood, approximately five feet deep, 3-5 days

Fermentation: Open encino oak wood vats, 3-5 days

Distillation: Double distillation in a copper pot still. First distillation of the full tepache (the bagaso); second distillation of the resulting spirit. Proofed off the still (no water is added prior to bottling), keeping just the heart.