Fog Wine Co

Guthrie Family Wines "Ode to Finn" 2022


From the winemaker:

Organically grown.

This rare blend, composed of 39% Chenin Blanc, 35% Vermentino, and 26% Grenache Blanc, is led by the floral aromatics and stone fruit of Chenin, kept light and fresh by the balance of Vermentino. It all comes together beautifully, bound by the rich acids and mouthfeel of Grenache Blanc.

I have a confession to make. We actually had no intention of making this wine; it purely happened out of the need to combine a couple of lots during harvest because we were running out of tank space. But, boy, are we pleased with how it turned out... Some things are just meant to be.

Upon first tasting the blend during harvest, it was clear that we were working with something exciting. The flavor profiles that jump out of your glass were already percolating as fermentation finished its last grams of sugar. 'Ode to Finn' has a bigger mouthfeel, with power and grace, and even bigger flavor. Let's get funky fresh; Lanolin with a touch of brie on the nose from the Chenin Blanc, white peaches and lychee with the tiniest twinge of lime are the backup dancers. The palate then hits you with that combination of crunchy acid and gummy sour patch kids, and the white mystery flavor of Airheads gives it that mouth-watering... 'Oh God, give me another glass' feeling. Combinations like this are why winemakers love to blend different varieties from different growing areas.

The wine was fermented in stainless steel drums to preserve its inherent 'get me some more' quality and was racked off the lees as soon as we could to prevent it from getting too broad. We’re excited about this wine, and we think you’ll be excited too, making the whole thing quite exhilarating."