Lamata Masparillo Durango Mezcal 48.6% (750ml)


Lot ID MAS-C 05-2019

Maestro Vinatero Maximino Cruz
Produced in Mezquital, Durango
100% Masparillo (A. maximiliana var. katharinae)
Cooked in a conical underground oven & milled by hand with axe
Distilled twice in a Filipino wood and copper still; An agave quiote (stalk) is used in place of the receiving arm
Nose full of fresh jalapeño, fresh hay, and baked earth; palate is a heady combination of rich and savory flavors. At first blush, this green agave bomb yields to milk, honey, and flowers. As it evolves, chocolate malt, maraska cherry, melon rind, and eucalyptus will emerge from this deceptively complex spirit.
48.6% ABV (Alcohol will vary from batch to batch)