Oka Kura Yuzu Liqueur (720 ml)


From the importer:

  • Neutral rice distillate flavored with fresh yuzu peel
  • Fresh yuzu peel is macerated overnight in neutral rice spirit then distilled via pot still; this "foundational base spirit” then sees an addition 3-week maceration of fresh yuzu peel. The final spirit is filtered and sweetened with Hokkaido sugar beet sugar.
  • All yuzu used in this expression comes from a 90+-year-old grove that uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers.
  • A nose of fresh yuzu peel oils and candied lemon extends to a plucky palate with light acidity and highlights of white flower. Subtle violet and delicate tannin linger on the finish.
  • 24% ABV
  • Refrigeration recommended but not required for maximum shelf life.
  • This lovely liqueur offers a silky rendering of Japan’s most beloved aromatic citrus fruit. Though not high enough in alcohol to act as a substitute for a triple sec or curaçao in classic margaritas, try this liqueur in a shochu or sake-based sour for a low-ABV interpretation!