Mixing Glass Cocktail Club is Live!

Friends! Virtual Cocktail Classes are now monthly Cocktail Kits. Here's how the new format will work: We will now be offering a curated kit every month with ingredients and three original recipes along with an on-demand, pre-recorded video by Gaby that you can watch at your leisure. This video will be in the same format as our previous classes. We know you are all busy and with this new format, you can host your friends and watch the video whenever you'd like, or you can skip the video all together and enjoy the cocktails with the step-by-step written instructions in your kit. Think of it like the Blue Apron of cocktail kits. Each month we will announce the theme of the kit along with an itemized list of what ingredients will be included. Orders will be ready for pickup or shipping by the date listed in each announcement and the recorded video will be available to watch any time starting the same day you receive your kit. You have the option to either buy a single kit or sign up for a monthly recurring subscription. Click below to see this month's kit!