Wine Club

We are excited to launch our new Mixing Glass Connoisseur's Wine Club! Join us for a monthly subscription of wines focused on small production, with an emphasis on low intervention farming techniques and minimal human influence in the production of the wine itself. Using the in-depth knowledge and curation that we've applied for years to our spirits selection, we have adopted the same philosophy to our wine club. The wines we choose will lean toward being Old World, but we will also highlight domestic wines that we feel passionate about. Gaby looks for wines that are well balanced and food friendly. She also selects options for our club with seasonality in mind. Tasting notes, food pairing ideas, and key production notes will be included with each wine.

*Shipments will go out and pickups will be ready on the 15th of each month. Select free pickup or shipping for a flat rate of $19.99. Upgrade or cancel at anytime. Adult signature required for shipping. Substitutions politely declined.


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