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Amaro Cio Ciaro (750ml)


Amaro Ciociaro, a mixture of carefully selected natural ingredients, is the product of an authentic recipe from the "Ciociara" region of Italy, a local term for the area in the Frosinone province in Lazio.

It is soft and sweet, with notable dried orange peel and a pleasant bitterness. Rich and oily mouthfeel, with an initial hit of burnt sugar. CioCiaro occupies a nice middle ground between the more bitter and herbaceous Fernet Branca and the less bitter and sweeter Meletti or Nonino.

This amaro is created and safeguarded by the Paolucci family since Vincenzo Paolucci invented it in 1873, it can be served straight on ice as an after dinner drink or with seltzer as an aperitif or thirst quencher.