Oliver McCrum

Bordiga Extra Dry Vermouth (375 ml)


This classic vermouth is based on Piedmontese white wines, roughly 1/3 Moscato, the remainder Trebbiano and Cortese. Twenty-five botanicals are used, many grown in the Occitan Alps near the distillery; the primary ones are wormwood, dittany, elderflower, cinchona bark, quassia, orange peel, angostura bark, wild thyme, gentiana acaulis, pepper, and pomegranate. The botanicals are individually infused in pure alcohol derived from wheat, so that the extraction of each component is correct. (No purchased infusions are used.) These infusions are combined, and then blended with the different wines, and sugar is added. After cold stabilization and filtration, the vermouth is bottled; after resting for another few weeks it is ready to be sold.

This is the classic vermouth for the Martini, and many other cocktails; and is also excellent in some savory dishes, such as risotto, or sautéed vegetables, such as carrots.