Cumbrita de la Sierra Lechuguilla Dolores González Lot 200L-5-1-21-46.7 46.7% (750ml)


Maguey: Agave Shravei (lechuguilla)
Provenance of the maguey: Batopilas
Producer: Dolores Gonzalez
Region: Yierbaniz, Sierra Taraumara, Chihuahua
Oven: Stone and earth underground conical oven
Maceration: By hand with wooden mallet (pezón) and Axe
Fermentation: with spring water in a stone and clay basin
Distillation: 2x in Tree trunk still (Oak) also referred as "Tren"
Final composition: heads and tails of second distillation
Only 240 bottles of 200ml
ABV: 48%