Lamata A'hl-Mai Durango Mezcal 47.5% (750ml)


Lot ID AHL-G 01-2021

Maestro Vinateros Aurelio & Abel García Soto.
Produced in Sierra de Mezquital, Durango
100% Agave A’hl-Mai (Maximillilana var. baker)
Cooked in a conical underground oven; milled by hand using hatchet
Distilled twice in a traditional “Filipino style” hybrid wood and copper pot still, with agave stalk (“quiote”) receiving shoot
The nose is full of saddle leather, fresh thyme, lemon peel, and river rock. The palate is a colorful pop of orange blossoms, wildflowers, and tangerine hard candy
47.5% ABV (Alcohol will change from batch to batch)