Rock Steady

Wild Common Still Strength Blanco Tequila Lot 2 (750ml)


From Wild Common:

Wild Common still strength tequila blanco is an honest expression of agave with nothing to hide. Clean, bold agave flavors dominate this exceptional tequila blanco. Bright citrus, cinnamon, and anise lead the way while the velvety mouthfeel envelopes your palate. Long, warm, and complex, this tequila is for agave purists with the highest of standards. At 50% Alc./Vol., our team has unanimously chosen to 2x distill this tequila blanco to proof and not add any water. Master distiller Salvador Rosales Trejo - aka “Chava”, has flexed his lifetime of experience here. Salud.

Master Distiller: Salvador Rosales Trejo‚ “Chava”
Roasted: 72 hours in Small 12-16 Ton Brick Ovens
Extraction: Traditional Stone Tahona & Roller Mill
Fermentation: Natural, with Agave Fibers
Distillation: 2X to Proof, in Small Stainless and Copper Pot Stills